04 10 / 2013

Italy has attracted people looking for culture, food and even romance for centuries. There are few countries in Europe with such a rich history and so many classic cities. Italy has much more though, from traditions to legends and modern culture. Taking a guided tour is one thing but to really get under the skin of a country there is nothing quite like meeting the locals. With Lookals, the locals are also waiting to meet you.

If you ever wanted to meet a local expert on Roman history, or someone who is well informed about the latest bars and restaurants in town, Lookals is the site to start planning a tour.   Travellers set up a profile and are matched to a local, who is able to show them around using their expert insider knowledge to impart some fascinating insights into a city. If you want to discover more about the student scene in Rome or some specialist history relating to the Vatican there will be a local who knows the best places to go and can give you information that may not be in your guidebook.

With a network of local guides across Italy, Lookals has some eclectic tours for visitors to a city where they can experience something very different.Arranging a tour is easy with the online booking system and offers some excellent encounters with local experts on a wide range of subjects from wine to church history. When you discover stories beyond the standard guide book from the Lookals expert on your travels, the memories will stay with you forever.

Best of all, the experience of getting to know a city as only a local does is guaranteed to fuel your love for Italy and give you some unique stories to tell friends and family back home.

12 6 / 2013