Paestum with an archaeologist

8-25 person
2.5 hours
EUR 20 .00 per person

Here's what's going to happen

Poseidonia was the original name of this greek city founded in honor of Poseidon, the Greek god that protected the sailors! Together we will discover the archaeological area characterized by three amazing greek temples incredibly well preserved. Also, we will understand the passage from a greek "poleis" in a roman city that is clear through the ruins of the "forum" (the main square) and the anphiteatre! After the archaeological area we will go to see the masterpieces found by the archaeologists, conserved in the National Museum! Here we will admire pots, bronze vases and greek paintings, for a full immersion in the past!

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Paestum - Via Magna Grecia 919 84047 Napoli

Tickets are not included, and have to be paid on site Persons on wheelchairs can make the tour, but they need helper to go across the roads and to get in some of the buildings. Meeting point at the entrance of the National Archaeological Museum

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Paestum - Via Magna Grecia 919

12/02/2014 9 a.m. 25 left 20.00 EUR
12/02/2014 noon 25 left 20.00 EUR
12/03/2014 9 a.m. 25 left 20.00 EUR
12/03/2014 noon 25 left 20.00 EUR
12/04/2014 9 a.m. 25 left 20.00 EUR
left 20.00 EUR
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