Salerno, the historic medieval centre

8-25 person
2 hours
EUR 15 .00 per person

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An unforgettable city tour through the history and the legend of this city founded by the Romans. But the most important period for Salerno was in the middle age when Arechi the second, prince of Lombards, decided to move the capital of the southern dukedom from Benevento to Salerno. We will recognize the tracks of history through the buildings of the historical center, the gardens, the museums and the Saint Matthew Cathedral that, with its cript, is a masterpiece of the baroque time.

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Salerno - Via Portacatena 15 84121 Napoli

The meeting point is in front at the entrance of Teatro Verdi. Eventual additional costs for museums, churches and monuments tickets are not included, and have to be paid on site.

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Salerno - Via Portacatena 15

12/02/2014 10 a.m. 25 left 15.00 EUR
12/02/2014 noon 25 left 15.00 EUR
12/03/2014 10 a.m. 25 left 15.00 EUR
12/03/2014 noon 25 left 15.00 EUR
12/04/2014 10 a.m. 25 left 15.00 EUR
left 15.00 EUR
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