The Rural and Foodie Face Of Milan

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Milan is without any doubt Italy’s trendiest city; and, by saying that, we are not just thinking about fashion. In fact, there is much more than cool designers and luxurious shops to this city.

Indeed, besides being a fascinating destination from an artistic and historical point of view, Milan also has a long agricultural tradition deeply rooted in its soul and should be a must stop for all foodies. And if the city has now become a fast metropolis, it is still possible to find, in the surrounding areas as well as hidden in some corners of the city centre, a taste of this ancient rural culture.

Organic food markets have become integrated part of the city life and there is more and more attention to food origins and 0 Km produces. Not to say that the gastronomic scene shines every months of new restaurant openings concentrating especially in the area of the Navigli (Milan Waterways), the centre of the nightlife.

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To confirmation of this trend, within the urban area some city farms have appeared such as the Cascina Cuccagna, which dates back to 1695 and has been recently restored and brought back to operation by local associations. If you are interested in visiting this farm and discovering the green beating heart of Milan or if you just want to have a break from the city hustle and bustle, you may consider taking the Storytelling Bike Tour of Milan and experience the local farming traditions and productions in an unusual and funny way.

If you are looking for a more alternative type of visit, you should join the Taste the Rural Heart of Milan Tour that will allow you to explore the traditions, the local cuisine and wines, and discover the identity of the rural area surroundings the city. During the tour you will make a stop at the Cascina Guzzafame, a family business including also a dairy factory and local product shops. This tour is perfect for those looking for genuine, organic seasonal products and some quiet.

Those visiting the city should also know that two the of the most peculiar Italian traditions originate here: the Panettone, the classical Italian Christmas cake, and the “aperitivo alla Milanese” a much more complex habit than a simple Happy Hour which involves rich buffets of local specialties ranging from pasta, meat dishes and cheeses, to more elaborate preparations. The best area for aperitif is the Navigli District; if you want to explore the little architectural gems hidden within the area, have a look at the Navigli District History and Lifestyle tour, which will also give you the chance to end the day with an extensive gin tasting session at Officina 12, pleasantly relaxed restaurant which is home to Gino12, the first gin bar in Milan.

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At least, for those looking to experience Milan as a local and to enjoy its genuine flavours off the beaten path, check out the Milan Tour made by Locals that will take you around artisanal shops and street food markets giving you the chance to taste some fantastic local food.

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