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Ever since the times of the Grand Tour and then up to the present day, Italy has been a place that travelers from all Europe and then from all over the world longed for.

It may seem surprising, but the red thread that binds the first travelers of Europe in the 18th century and the global traveler of nowadays has remained almost unchanged: the attraction for antiquity, the discovery of the great masterpieces of art and architecture, the passion for a surprisingly diverse and rich gastronomic culture, natural beauty and, not least, a mild and favorable climate.

Those who visit Italy want to experience the spirit of the beautiful country, the “Bel Paese”. But then, how much of what Italy can offer remains exclusive and secluded? How many hidden masterpieces, how many not traveled roads, how many stories that have never been listened to, how much knowledge and unlived experiences?

Here is the idea of NearbyTour: make thematic routes, which are designed by local professionals, accessible and affordable online. Memorable travel experiences, to help those who want to go beyond the surface, deep into the territory, culture, gastronomy, into practical knowledge and nature. A journey inside of the journey.

Expo 2015, Milano guided tours and activitiesNot only this.NearbyTour is also an information channel, always up-to-date, focused on innovation and new industry trends. 2015 is the year of the Expo in Milan and we will provide helpful advice and thematic headings to help you live the great event in every nuance.

Everything is ready … plan your next trip with NearbyTour!

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