NearbyTour - Bike tour of Ferrara -
NearbyTour - Bike tour of Ferrara -
NearbyTour - Bike tour of Ferrara -
NearbyTour - Bike tour of Ferrara -
NearbyTour - Bike tour of Ferrara -
NearbyTour - Bike tour of Ferrara -

Bike tour of Ferrara

IT, Emilia-Romagna, Ferrara

02:30 h
40.00 pp

Tour details

Meeting with the guide at the Ferrara Station where you will get your bikes, and from here
start your bike tour to explore the city. We will start by taking a look at the Po river bank an essential central point for the creation and development of Ferrara.

We will then head in the direction of the Cathedral of St. Giorgio, incredible Romanesque area, with
Its richly decorated façade that is right faced with the important town hall. Here you will be projected in the grand history of the Estensi, the family that started the Renaissance in Emilian land.

We will pass through by the Jewish ghetto, the center of prolific communities in Ferrara was greeted by Este family. Then we will cross the suggestive Via delle Volte, a medieval city center, a street full arches and pebbles that creates an evocative foreshortening in the center of Ferrara.

You can not miss and make a stop at the Castle Este, a fine example of defensive architecture, which it stands still with its moat in the center of city. We will go to Piazza Ariostea, where it runs even Today the most ancient Palio of the world, and then we continue in the direction of the Certosa.

We will ride inside its ancient walls, now full cyclable. From here you can see a part of the city surrounded within the old city walls but still immersed in the countryside.

We will ride through the famous Corso Ercole I d’Este, dedicated to the Duke that  commissioned the expansion of cities in the Renaissance era. At the intersection of two main streets the Herculean is the famous Palace of Diamonds, which takes its name from its special conformation by 8000 to form stones pyramidal.

The tour ends at the train station, where you can return the bike at the end of pedaling.



– 2-hour bike tour of Ferrara with a local guide enabled
– Discover fascinating stories about the history of Ferrara
– Perfect for all ages and for every kind of workout
– Perfect for those visiting the city for the first time

Available starting time

  • Early morning - before 9:00
  • Morning - 9:00-13:00
  • Afternoon - 13:00-18:00
  • Evening - 18:00-22:00
  • Night - after 22:00
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