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Futurist Art & Aperitif In Milan

IT, Lombardy, Milan

02:30 h
58 pp

Tour details

Living the happy hour experience.

Aperitif is the most important Milanese ritual: let’s experience it together!

Have you ever heard about Davide Campari? He is the founding father of the aperitif. Thanks to the advertisements and the unique bottle designed by the futurist artist Fortunato Depero, bitter Campari became a myth for all happy hour lovers.

With this alternative tour you will meet the art of the futurist avantgarde movement through the amazing collection of their works displayed in the Museo del Novecento. You will taste the famous “aperitivo” in the traditional Camparino bar in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, feeling the electric atmosphere of “The city rises” by Umberto Boccioni, Milan between XIXth and XXth century.


  • Art meets aperitif: enjoy the unique Milanese ritual
  • Live and love the centre of Milan
  • Discover the futurist avantgarde


Join me in this Milanese adventure!

Available starting time

  • Early morning - before 9:00
  • Morning - 9:00-13:00
  • Afternoon - 13:00-18:00
  • Evening - 18:00-22:00
  • Night - after 22:00
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