NearbyTour - Ravenna the city of the mosaics -
NearbyTour - Ravenna the city of the mosaics -
NearbyTour - Ravenna the city of the mosaics -

Ravenna the city of the mosaics

IT, Emilia-Romagna, Ravenna

02:00 h
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Ravenna is a true cultural gem, with an astonishing concentration of ancient religious buildings.

Entering one of the 8 sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is simply an extraordinary experience. Wall mosaics welcome the visitors in a sort of embrace and tell you about the faith of the early Christians, about the Emperors, Kings and Saints who lived in Ravenna between the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Longobards in the 8th century, about the story and symbols of this ancient, fascinating city.

To understand the importance that Ravenna gained in the Middle Ages, we should imagine to be at the beginning of the V century AD. Rome is no longer the great “Caput mundi”, i.e. the most powerful city of the world: it is collapsing under the barbarian invasions of Goths and Vandals. The political power is shifting towards Constantinople which is gaining more and more power. The Roman Empire is split into two parts: the Western Roman Empire, with capital city Milan ( not Rome!); and the Eastern Empire, with capital city Constantinople. So what happened? Why all at once, in AD 402, the Emperor Honorius decided to leave Milan and to move his court to Ravenna…a true hellhole, haunted by frogs, mosquitos and malaria? And who transformed this god-forsaken place into a glittering capital city? (…Just a little help: the right answers are “Empress Galla Placidia; King Theodoric the Great and Byzantine Emperor Justinian” I!). Just book a visit and I will let you know how this amazing story continues!

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