FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I sign up?

    Create an account on Lookals is totally free: just go to "www.lookals.com/lookals/signup" or click on the purple Log in button on the top-right side of the Home Page. The quickest way to sign up is by logging in through Facebook. By doing so you will have part of your personal profile already fulfilled and you can get an extra validation to your account. Click on the “connect with Facebook” button. Choose a password, confirm it and click on the button “Create account”. Should you want not to use Facebook, you can sign up by using an email address and create your personal account. Click on the button “Create account” and fill in the fields with your name, email and password. Confirm it by clicking again on the button “Create account”. After having signed up, make sure your profile is complete with all the infos required in order for you to get known by the community.


  • How do I see my profile?

    On the top of every page you will see your profile picture. Click on the picture or on your name to be redirected to your profile.

  • How do I modify my profile?

    You can modify your profile in two different ways:

    1. Click on on the Homepage and go to your dashboard. On the left side, just under your profile picture, click on the “edit” button.
    2. Click on your profile picture or on your name on the top of every page and go to your profile. Click on the button “edit profile” under your picture.

  • How do I create a good profile?

    A complete profile includes your name, surname and a picture of you. The more the community knows about you, the more it could be interested in reading about and meeting you! For the locals, it is also really important to complete the bio with a short but efficient description and add all the languages spoken. What you do not have to do is to share links to other personal web pages in order to keep everything going on Lookals. You will have the chance to get your account verified, so to build your personal online reputation, simply link your profile to the different social networks and/or connecting it with your mobile phone number.

  • Which information is shown on my profile?

    A part from the personal infos you write, other people will see on your profile the posted experiences, the reviews and the stars.


  • What are reviews used for?

    The reviews are a way to easily tell the community what you have experienced and help them discover the perfect activity they are looking for.

  • How do I write a review?

    You can write a review to your host or local just after having completed your adventure. Within 24 hours after the experience, you will receive an email containing a direct link to the page where you can write your review. Otherwise:

    1. if you are a traveler you have to go to “My Trips” on your dashboard and write it. From the top-right menu choose “archives” and you will see all the experiences you have made. Find the one you want to leave a review for, write your comment and give a vote from 1 to 5 by clicking on the stars.
    2. if you are a local you have to go to “My Listings” on your dashboard and write it.

  • Where do I see the reviews?

    All the reviews can be shown directly on every profile page. The reviews related to an experience are shown directly on its page, just under the description.



  • What is the dashboard?

    The dashboard is your personal control panel. From here you can manage all the activities on your profile: manage your experiences, view your bookings and your bookmarks.

  • How do I get to the dashboard?

    To enter your dashboard, simply click on the button you can find on the top-right of every page.

  • What can I do on the dashboard?

    From the dashboard, you can manage your trips in the "My Trips" area and the posted experiences in the "My Listings" area . Moreover you can view your bookmarks by clicking on "My Bookmarks" .

  • What is My Trips?

    In My Trips you can manage your bookings as a tourist. Click on to access your My Trips.

    1. You can check your bookings.
      From the top-right menu choose "next" and you will see all your incoming booking. You can check the details of your bookings by clicking on to access the experience page.
    2. You can leave a review for the experiences you have done
      From the top-right menu choose “archives” and you will see all the experiences you have made. To know how to leave a review check “How do I write a review”.

  • What is My Listings?

    In My Listings you can manage your bookings as a local. Click on to access this section.

    1. You can check the experiences you have posted. From the top-left menu choose "my listings" and you will see all your listings. You can modify an experience by clicking on "modify this experience" or simply check the preview by clicking on "view experience".
    2. You can manage bookings for your experiences. From the top-left menu choose “” and you will see all your bookings.

  • What is My bookmarks area?

    Click on the button from the dashboard to get access to your bookmarks. Thanks to this feature you will have easy access to all the experiences you have saved on your bookmarks area.


  • How do I view and send messages?

    Use the secure messaging system on Lookals to work out details with your local or traveler before making a booking. You need to sign up with Lookals and be logged in to your Lookals account to view and send messages. Your sent and received Lookals messages can be found in your inbox. Simply click on the envelope icon at the top of any Lookals webpage when you're logged in. Click on a message to be shown your complete message thread with a particular local or traveler. When sending a message to a local for the first time, use the Send a message button to ask any questions they have.

  • How do I know if I have a new message?

    You will be notified via mail and, on Lookals, you will see a blue number on the envelope icon at the top of any Lookals webpage when you're logged in.