Lunch on the road in Emilia Day-Trip from Milan

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“Parma Lunch on the Road” is an innovative experience created for those who love Italian food. We will take you to a journey of discovery through the famous tricolour food valley where you will enjoy an itinerant lunch meeting the best producers of the most imitated types of food in the entire world: Parmesan cheeseParma Ham and balsamic vinegar. Our food specialized guide will wait for you in Parma and lead you across a fantastic journey of the art of cooking. The first stop will be in a Parmesan dairy farm, where you will discover all the secrets of the production of this world famous cheese, a real Emilian excellence. The visit will finish with a tasting of the different types of Parmesan.

Then we will move to a ham producing site where a guided tour of the producer will make you taste this world famous food directly on the production site. The third stop will be at a historical balsamic vinegar production site. You will see the entire place and at the end of the visit you will experience a unique balsamic vinegar tasting with custard accompanied by a 25 year old balsamic vinegar. In the afternoon you will enjoy a guided tour of Parma including the highlights Piazza Garibaldi (the city centre), the cathedral, the Baptistery and the Pilotta. The tour will end with another surprising tasting in one of the city’s most historic cafes.

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  •   8.30 – Departure from Milan
  •   9.45 – Visit + tasting at Parmigiano-Reggiano’s cheese factory with our specialized food guide;
  • 10.00 – Visit + tasting at delicatessen (salami artigianali) with our specialized food guide
  • 12.00 – Visit + tasting at vinegar’s maker with our specialized food guide
  • 13.30 – Guided Tour of Parma with special secret final degustation
  • 16.00 – Back to Milan

* The program may be subjected to variation in time and route, which will be notified in advance


  •  Visit to a Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese maker, with a 3 cheese tasting session (12-24-36 months aging), served with honey and balsamic vinegar cream erbazzone (typical focaccia reggiana with herb stuffing and Parmesan), Lambrusco wine, Parmigiano sfogliatine Reggiano (crackers are made of delicious cheese).
  • Visit to a typical Parma Ham factory with tasting of various types of sausages
  • Visit to a balsamic vinegar production producer with tasting of various types of aging of balsamic vinegar
  • Guided Tour of Parma with pastry tasting in a secret spot