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  • Private transfer from/to Milan in a confortable car or Minivan
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  • Tested all-included day-trips in selected destinations
  • Any day-trip availables for private or small group (max 8)
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Milan to 5 Terre Day-trip

A day trip from Milan to Cinque Terre is the best choice for those who don’t want to miss a visit to one of the most charming places in Italy and the entire world. At the edge of the cliffs, surrounded by the typical maquis, five small fishermen villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, Rio-Maggiore) witness how human presence has been able to respectfully model a landscape with passion and care, making it a unique place. The suggested walking route, planned by a local guide, will give you the best in a short time. You will experience the agricultural inland with its farmers, you will walk through the narrow stony streets of three of the five historical villages, along old pathways, alternating walking and boating tracts. Cinque Terre are waiting for you. They are even closer than you may expect! Reccomandation: bring with you a hat, solar cream, confortable shoes and dressing.

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Como Lake & Bellagio Day-trip from Milan

During this classic day tour you will discover Lake Como, a magical place that inspired many artists. The tour will start with a visit to Como, considered the lake capital, where our guide will take you around and you will discover the main historical monuments: the cathedral with its Lombard-Gothic facade, the Broletto palace, the Municipal Tower and Piazza Verdi with its elegant theatre. The visit to Como will end with a walk along the old city walls and the Tower Gate. From Como we will move to Bellagio, along the picturesque western bank of the lake, stopping at a beautiful observation point. Once in Tramezzina we will finally complete our journey to Bellagio on a ferry. Bellagio, called the “Pearl of the Lake” because of its great position on top the ridge separating the two branches of the lake. The town will surprise you with the great and aristocratic atmosphere and is famous “Climbs”, charming staircases with lovely silk workshops. You will return back to Milan with all the magic of an unforgettable day in your heart.

Professional Wine Tour in Piedmont day-trip from Milan

This professional wine tour starting from Milan has been studied to satisfy even the most hard to please wine lovers. The nice sloping hills of Monferrato, with their enchanting colours, savours and emotions are amongst the most famous destinations in Italy. Specifically, you will discover Barbera, a precious red wine from Piedmont, and the Asti sparkling wine. The tour will start with a visit to a family owned cellar. The owner will take you for a walk along the vineyards and the olive groves around the estate. You will see the cellar where vinification takes place. The producing process will be carefully explained. At the end of the visit you will be offered a great lunch and wine tasting with local food. After lunch we will head to Canelli, the capital of sparkling wine and home of the subterranean cathedrals, a Unesco World Heritage. More than fifteen miles of galleries dug into tufa, about a hundred feet under the ground where millions of bottles undergo fermentation at the constant temperature of 12-14, thus giving this world famous sparkling wine. In this enchanting and magic place, the owner of a cellar will let you discover all the phases of the wine production and you will experience a fantastic tasting of three sparkling wines accompanied with local cheese and cold cuts. After this tour, wine will have no more secrets for you!

Lunch on the road in Emilia Day-Trip from Milan

“Parma Lunch on the Road” is an innovative experience created for those who love Italian food. We will take you to a journey of discovery through the famous tricolour food valley where you will enjoy an itinerant lunch meeting the best producers of the most imitated types of food in the entire world: Parmesan cheese, Parma Ham and balsamic vinegar. Our food specialized guide will wait for you in Parma and lead you across a fantastic journey of the art of cooking. The first stop will be in a Parmesan dairy farm, where you will discover all the secrets of the production of this world famous cheese, a real Emilian excellence. The visit will finish with a tasting of the different types of Parmesan. Then we will move to a ham producing site where a guided tour of the producer will make you taste this world famous food directly on the production site. The third stop will be at a historical balsamic vinegar production site. You will see the entire place and at the end of the visit you will experience a unique balsamic vinegar tasting with custard accompanied by a 25 year old balsamic vinegar. In the afternoon you will enjoy a guided tour of Parma including the highlights Piazza Garibaldi (the city centre), the cathedral, the Baptistery and the Pilotta. The tour will end with another surprising tasting in one of the city’s most historic cafes.

Verona & Garda Lake Day-trip from Milan

A one day tour to Verona and Lake Garda is all you need to spend a great and intense day full of romanticism and dolce vita. Verona is worldwide known for being the city of unrequited love, where the story of Shakespeare’s Rome and Juliet is set. Our guide will show you the most important places in town like Piazza delle Erbe, Juliet’s house with its famous mediaeval balcony. In addition you will also see the less famous but not less charming places around town. The afternoon will be spent along the banks of Lake Garda, the biggest lake of Italy, where you will visit two important villages, Peschiera del Garda and Sirmione. Peschiera del Garda is one of the most distinctive villages around the Lake, while Sirmione will show you one of the most remarkable Italian castles, a rare example of lake fortification. You will return to Milan in the evening.

Oltre Pò Pavese Day-Trip from Milan

If you love being seduced by a beautiful hilly region, then our suggested itinerary of Oltrepò Pavese is perfect for you. This southern strip of Lombardy, situated between the Po and the Emilian Apennines, with its sloping hills and agricultural tradition, offers outstanding views and holds local production of cold cuts and wine. You will tune in with this land as soon as you take a guided tour of Varzi, an extraordinarily preserved mediaeval village. Our local guide will tell you all about this wonderful place. After a great meal in a nearby agritourism, you will spend the rest of your day in this magnificent countryside, visiting a cellar and a local cold cuts producer to find out all about these local products. All you have to do is just let yourself be spoiled by the sloping, picturesque landscape of Oltrepò Pavese.

Maggiore & Orta Lakes Day-Trip from Milan

If you want to leave the noisy city behind, go to discover one of Europe’s most beautiful lake districts. This day tour from Milan gives you everything you absolutely cannot miss. Accompanied by a local authorized guide, you will discover the magic of Lake Maggiore, Italy’s second biggest lake, visiting the enchanting islands facing Stresa and the mighty Borromeo residence and gardens, once one of the most influencing and powerful dynasties in Italy. You will enjoy lunch in a picturesque restaurant at a beautiful location in the hills with breathtaking views of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding mountains. The afternoon will be dedicated to a wonderful hidden gem of Northern Italy, Lake Orta. With its small surface, and its romantic views, not to mention the marvellous art-deco villas and its crystal clear blue waters, this charming lake will surely seduce you. The trip back to Milan is scheduled in the evening.

Bergamo and its Territory Day-trip from Milan

During this day tour you will discover the historical city of Bergamo and its surrounding countryside. This day-tour is recommended for those who want to spend a great day in the spirit of art and good cuisine. You will start your day with a visit to a historical and charming place, a mediaeval castle at the foot of the Bergamo Prealps which was turned into a vineyard during the Fifties. The visit to the castle will also include a full exquisite lunch with an exclusive wine tasting. The early afternoon will be spent on the way to Bergamo, the famous “Town of the Thousands”, a rare and surprising example of an Italian city that entirely preserved its old city walls. From Bergamo Alta (the old city) you will enjoy an enchanting view of all the Po valley. Our guide will help you to discover important historical masterpieces, like the outstanding church of Santa Maria Maggiore. In the early evening is scheduled the return to Milan.

Franciacorta wine tour and Lake Iseo with Private Cruise. Day-trip from Milan

For all of those who love sparkling wines and are willing to know more about the different vinification methods and the different types and quality of products, this day tour from Milan gives you all you wish. Franciacorta and Lake Iseo are beautiful and special places. Before being immersed in the typical Franciacorta wine culture, we will take you on a private cruise on Lake Iseo, a small lake surrounded by the Prealps of Lombardy and famous for its enchanting landscapes and its mild climate. The lake islands in Iseo Lake are the biggest in Europe. After a stop in Montisola we will head to the wine district of Franciacorta. This fertile land between Lombardy and Veneto produces high quality DOCG wine. You will visit a well renowned historical cellar and will taste this world famous wine. Before heading back to Milan there will be another stop in Iseo, a nice small town on the Southern bank of the lake.

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